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ZC Rubber Resumes Its Production Units

ZC Rubber Resumes Its Production Units

The Zhongce Rubber Group Company, that is also known as ZC Rubber, is the number one tire manufacturing company in China. It started its journey in 1958 and is now categorized under the top 75 Global Tire Producers in 2019.

Taking Production Capacity To 100%

According to a recent statement by the firm, the company has restarted its production channel in plants of China and Thailand. The media statement also highlights that the factory capacity of both; China and Thailand, is at a hundred percent.

Experts Suggest Safe Ways To Resume Production Line

Even during the current pandemic situation, the firm hosted five online sessions with tire experts. In the sessions, experts suggested the need and technical advantages of new production. Also, experts gave suggestions about the safe production line in view of the current pandemic situation.

Resumption Of Operation At Plants

Reportedly, in the first ten days of February 2020, the company faced a shortage of manpower and supply. The situation also aggravated due to poor logistics. Then on 10 February, the company restarted operation with more than 20,000 workers and employees at work.

Currently, the plant is working at full swing and the production is returning to its normal levels. The 100% capacity of plants in China and Thailand proves that the firm is dedicated to meet local and global demand.

Statement Of Marketing Manager, ZC Rubber

The marketing manager of ZC Rubber, Ge Hongliang, recently stated that tire manufacturers used to rely on old and traditional methods of offline distribution. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has urged Chinese tire manufacturers to take some new initiatives.

According to media sources, almost quarter-million people viewed the videos of sessions conducted by ZC Rubber. Also, the videos earned around seven USD.

Aiming To Accomplish Revenue Target Of 2020

Shen Jinrong, President of ZC Rubber, is optimistic that the passion and spirit of ZC Rubber will motivate other tire producers to come forward. He went on saying that the target of the firm for 2020, which stands at 4.3 billion USD, will not change even in the current crisis.