Trojan Limited to Exhibit in China International Tire Expo, Shanghai

Trojan Limited to Exhibit in China International Tire Expo, Shanghai

TROJAN LTD.| The Global Tyre Company, will explore partnerships with major tyre importers the world over.

Like previous years, Trojan Limited will be participating in the 17th China International Tire Expo 2019 from 19 till 21 August in Shanghai, China to meet current and prospective customers from the tyre industry and to showcase its current offerings.

The China International Tire Expo is one of the biggest and most successful trade shows in the tyre industry, attracting global sellers and buyers alike. Last year, the exhibition was attended by people from over 120 countries, with most of them being from Southeast Asia and North America along with sizeable attendees from other parts of the world.

Trojan Ltd. showcased high-quality affordable tyres brands like Onyx, Ovation, Deruibo, Roadwing and Cachland which are being manufactured by the famous Hengfeng Tyre Factory.

This year too, Trojan Ltd. will be putting its entire brand-range on display to give potential buyers, tyre enthusiasts and visitors a comprehensive demonstration of its performance and high-quality. Regarding the exhibition, the CEO of Trojan Ltd., Mr. Nuruddin Abjani, commented. “The China International Tire Expo has always been extremely helpful for us to display our wide-variety of tyres that the international market demands. We’ve always received a tremendous response from the exhibition, and with each passing year, the feedback from the visitors gets better. This is one international show that we cannot miss.”

About the company:

Trojan Ltd. is a tyre exporter based in China, with liaison offices in Dubai, UAE and Karachi, Pakistan. It is proud to be considered as one of China’s most reliable and fastest growing tyre marketing companies, having a solid customer base in more than 50 countries.

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