Trojan Limited Exhibits Onyx Tires at Automechanika Dubai 2019
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May 22, 2020
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Trojan Limited Exhibits Onyx Tires at Automechanika Dubai 2019

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As you all know, we believe in delivering quality tires across the globe, so we made an appearance in the most happening automotive exhibition in UAE known as Automechanika Dubai 2019

In the exhibition, there were hundreds and thousands of automotive parts and accessories brands showing their best in the league. Seizing the opportunity we exhibited the best Chinese TBR tyre from Trojan Limited called Onyx Tires.

We showcased how Onyx tires complement your freight trucks and busses on challenging roads and terrains. We educated our prospect clients and automotive enthusiasts about the quality of onyx tires and why it should be their first choice.

Unlike other Chinese tire manufacturers on the market, we have numerous accolades like multiple awards and numerous clients that trust our quality and commitment. Our Onyx tires aren’t just good for the road; their made with precision that’s built to last. The tire cords are made to resist the harshest of roads in your journey which is encased with high quality Elastomer so your tires stay by your side as long as they can, making Onyx one of the best Chinese tires in the market.

Besides that, we had the amazing opportunity to meet and greet with amazing partners, stakeholders and customers of ours who have exquisite selection for their vehicles when it comes to tires.Automechanika Dubai 2019 was auspicious for us in terms of socializing and meeting new clients.

Automechanika Dubai 2019 is a proving ground for many giants in the automobile industry, and we are proud to be one of the leading Chinese tire manufacturers in the game. Onyx Tires gratefully turned out to be the eye catcher in the event. We hope to attend the future exhibitions as such, and showcase further innovations in our tires.