Trojan Limited at The China International Tire Expo Shanghai 2019
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August 18, 2020
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Trojan Limited at The China International Tire Expo Shanghai 2019

Trojan Limited was honoured with the opportunity to exhibit its great catalogue of quality resistant tires in its hometown Shanghai at the The China International Expo Shanghai 2019.

In this event, everything was at full throttle. All the Chinesetire manufacturers attended the expo which makes it one of the biggest automotive exhibition in record. Taking about setting records, Trojan Limited showcased its revered and attested Onyx tires for the exhibitioners to get their hands on.

Our experts showcased how Onyx tires is a name you should consider when its time to bless your vehicle with the best TBR tires for that long journey that gets the best of you.

Onyx tires are undoubtedly the best Chinese tires in the game thanks to high quality cord construction. The cord helps your vehicle gain road grip and traction in order to maintain a smooth drive throughout the journey. These cords are joint together with high quality elastomer so that their life span stays top notch. Onyx tires are specifically designed for trucks and busses that cover prolonged challenging journeys, making it the best Chinese tire on the market for your bus or truck.

On the other hand, we would like to thank The China International Tire Expo Shanghai 2019 through which we got the opportunity to get acquainted with amazing people, customers and clients that we look forward to establish strong corporate and business relationships with. We had a wonderful time meeting all these new great people.

To wrap things up, the event was wonderful to the core. It was a grea5 honour for us to attend the most vibrant tire expo in the world. The China International Tire Expo Shanghai 2018 was a great opportunity for us to showcase the ultimate power of our onyx tires. See you at the next best automotive expo!