Top Tyre Brand Worldwide
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Top Tyre Brands Worldwide

Top Tyre Brand Worldwide

Top Tyre Brands Worldwide

The entire traveling world depends on tyres. Whether it is time to pick up some groceries or hit the road for a long journey, you are going to use your vehicle every now and then. And what is the most integral part of it? Tyres! Therefore, all of us look for the top brands selling out high-quality tyres with patterns that are designed to suit our driving needs.

Below is a list of the top tyre brands worldwide:

1. Michelin: Comfort in French
According to the Annual Report of the Automotive Industry 2019, Michelin ranked number 1 as the world’s top tyre brand. Their tyres have a reputation for quality, durability, and performance.

2. Bridgestone: The Japanese Movement for Excellence
The Japanese brand, Bridgestone, is one of the most successful Japanese tyre brands. It independently concentrates on manufacturing tyres by using Japanese technology. Hence, it has achieved many successes domestically and internationally. As of 2018, this company ranked top 2 in the list of top rated tyre brands worldwide.

3. Goodyear: German quality
Goodyear tyres are ranked 3rd according to the annual report of the automotive industry, 2019.
For years, the company has proved to be a leader in the quality production of tyres among its competitors.

4. Continental: Impeccable handling for the elite
Not every car owner can afford a set of tyres of this brand. The list of advantages of this brand starts with impeccable quality, impressive traction, and a decent level of comfort.

5. Pirelli: Racing experience for common roads
Pirelli is an Italian tyre corporation. It is known to be one of the largest and oldest tyre brands in the world. Their main selling point is its great reputation when it comes to handling dry and wet grips because of its unique tyre pattern. You are not going to be disappointed with Pirelli.

6. Sumitomo: Practical, High Quality, Affordable
Sumitomo produces its tyres in Japan. The company offers its tyres as an alternative to more expensive market leaders.

7. Hankook: Fast and Comfortable
Korean manufacturer Hankook is known to every second American car owner. As far as price to quality ratio is concerned, Hankook arguably scoops the top position. They are also a tyre supplier for car manufacturers such as Benz, BMW, and Audi.

8. Yokohama: City, Race track, Trucking
The Japanese brand Yokohama is one of the oldest in the global tyre industry and in the American market. It places emphasis on its tread patterns to maximize comfort and minimize noise levels and fuel consumption rates.

9. Maxxis: Ultimate control
Maxxis Tyre is a Taiwanese corporation. It is a common and luxury car owners’ brand that offers a wide range and decent quality. According to several sources, Maxxis is the 9th largest tyre company in the world.

10. Cooper: Life’s a road trip. Come on, let’s go.
Cooper is probably the only American brand that has become so widespread. The brand is valued for endurance. Cooper produces tyres for cars and off-road vehicles. It is considered as a quality tyre model.

Other brands that are also top-ranked top are; Giti, Toyo, MRF, Apollo, Dunlop, and Kumho.

Tyre manufacturers are diverse. Hence, maximum care should be taken when deciding on which tyre to purchase. It is always recommended that you purchase a top-notch brand such as Onyx or any of the aforementioned brands. Do not make the mistake of going for anything less than the best as it puts your life at risk.