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May 5, 2020

Top Treads Moving Towards Sustainable Retreading

Working for more than 25 years in the field of retreading, Top Treads, is Europe’s Bandag retreader that works independently Also, it is Bridgestone’s European franchise that operates in The Wirral and Yorkshire. The brand works with independent tire distributors and retreads customers’ casing.

Changing Work Policies To Meet The Need Of The Time

The company is dedicated to serving its clients with quality service. Even during the current pandemic, Top Treads is striving hard to prove its dedication towards its customers. For that, the firm is evolving with time and changing work practices to create a safe working environment.

Maintaining Social Distance At Workplace

According to the Managing Director and owner of Top Treads, Steve Evans, the company is trying to implement the rules provided by World Health Organization or WHO, and for that, they are committed to maintaining social distance even at the workplace.

Moving Towards Sustainable Retreading

Top Treads is fully committed to providing its customers and clients with the sustainable retreading service, by meeting the Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs of WHO. Thus, the company is working hard to provide its customers with complete support with its sustainable retreading solutions and safe working practices.