Top Ten Chinese Tyre Brands
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May 20, 2019
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Top Ten Chinese Tyre Brands

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Buying new tyres for your vehicle is not as easy as it sounds. The buyer can get lost in the vast variety of tyre brands available for an even bigger variety of tyre types available.

While it might not seem like an overly glamorous purchase, good tyres are an investment to help keep you safe on the road and make driving a bit easier.

In order to help you out we have put together a list of the top 10 Chinese tyre brands in the market based on key aspects related to performance, tread life, price, risk factor, and overall quality:

1. Roadone: These tyres use the all-steel radial truck tyre production technology from Europe and are adapted to Chinese road conditions.

2. Double Coin: Double Coin tyres utilize innovative technology that improves fuel efficiency and lowers operating expenses.

3. Triangle: a range of tyres for vehicles from passenger cars to construction equipment and tyres fit for special purposes.

4. Onyx: Onyx tyres offer great driving comfort and ensure stable handling. The tyre's superior technical structure and modern design guarantee maximum driving pleasure.

5. Chaoyang: These tyres are tested in in different terrains, climates and complex environmental conditions continuously and the feedback is incorporated in the design.

6. Wanli: In recent years, Wanli Tyre has received numerous awards and gained quick, widespread recognition for production safety and environmental protection.

7. Aeolus: Aeolus is a good option for people wanting the perfect balance between quality, performance and price.

8. Linglong: Having a wide variety of tyres, Linglong has achieved more than 60 national standards in China and obtained over 300 domestic and international patents.

9. LongMarch: Longmarch is one of the leading manufacturers of Truck and Bus Radial Tyre's and their tyres are supplied to over 70 countries around the world. They offer value and quality across their entire range.

10. Sailun Jinyu Group: One of the top tyre manufacturers in the region, their tyres are used extensively around the globe and it is one of the most trusted brands of tyres.

When you are searching for the top tyre brands and figuring out how to choose tyres, there are a lot of elements to look for. Most importantly, you need to understand that the best car tyres for you might be different than everyone else. It all comes down your individual needs and preferences. Be sure you are looking at the tyre brand ratings and comparing the reviews to your list of driving priorities before you make any purchases.

Hopefully, this post gave you a better idea of how to make the perfect choice.