Top 20 Known TyreManufacturers around the Globe
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Top 10 Tyre Manufacturers Worldwide
June 3, 2021
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Top 20 Known Tyre Manufacturers around the Globe

There are many tire companies worldwide but when you have the best why settle for the rest. When it comes to the driving experience tires play a very important role in it, as the comfort and smoothness depend on the quality of the tires. The tire quality should be top-notch as it is a matter of safety. Do not spend hours searching for the best tire manufacturing company around the globe just check out the list below:

Bridgestone: The Company has over 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities around the globe. It is a Japanese manufacturing company founded in 1931. Its revenue was 28.15 billion US Dollars in 2021.

Michelin: The Company was founded by two French brothers in 1889. The French tire company has 117 plants in 26 countries currently. The revenue of the company was 26.55 billion in US Dollars in 2020.

Goodyear Tire: It is an American manufacturing company that came into existence in 1898. The company’s revenue was 12.32 billion USD in 2020.

Continental AG: A German company which was founded in 1871 and has 13 manufacturing plants in 12 countries worldwide. The company’s revenue was 43,093 million USD in 2020.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries: It was founded in 1909 it has more than 36,000 employees globally. The company’s main headquarters are in Japan.

Pirelli: It is an Italian company that makes top-quality tires for its consumers. It was founded in Italy in 1972. The company’s revenue is 5.2 billion USD currently.

Hankook Tire: The Company is in the competition since 1968 and was founded in South Korea. The company generates 130.51 million dollars in sales every year.

Yokohama Rubber Company: The Japanese Company was founded in 1917. Yokohama gained popularity very fast and the company’s revenue was 6,228.174 USD in 2019.

Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd: It is the largest tire producer from China. Their tires are affordable and market competitive. ZC Rubber’s current revenue is 5.5 Billion USD.

Maxxis Tires: It is a company which comes from Taiwan and has the revue of 4 billion US Dollars. It started by making bicycle tires and now deals and PCR and TBR.

Giti Tire: The Company was established back in 1958. It has 8 manufacturing plants all over the globe and it distributes tires to more than 130 countries globally. The company’s revenue was 3.2 billion USD in 2018.

Toyo Tires: It was founded on August 1, 1945, in Osaka, Japan, The Company’s revenue was USD 3.29 billion in 2020.

Cooper Tires: The Company was founded in 1914 in the United States. The company’s revenue in 2020 was 2.52 billion USD.’

Linglong: It is a Chinese tire manufacturing company it was founded in 1975. The company has more the 13,000 employees all over the globe and the revenue was 4986.74 million USD of sales.

Apollo Tyre: It is an Indian Multinational tire manufacturing company headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. It came into existence in1972 and its revenue in 2020 was 2.5 billion USD.

MRF Tyres: It stands for Madras Rubber Factory, which was founded in 1946 in Chennai, India. It is the largest tire producing company in India and its revenue is 3.1 billion USD.

Sailun: It is a Chinese tire manufacturing company from China, which was founded in 2002. Their Jinyu tire is famous all over the globe they produce top-notch tires for their consumers.

Kumho Tire: The Company was founded in 1960 in South Korea. The company’s subsidiaries are Kumho Tire Georgia Inc. and Kumho Tire Europe GMBH. Their revenue was 2.28 billion USD in 2018.

Nokian Tyres: It was founded in 1988. The company headquarter is located in Finland. Their sales revenue yearly is 124.25 million USD.

Nexen Tire: The Company is in the market since 1942 and it origins in South Korea. The company’s subsidiary is Nexen Tire America.

The list above contains the Top 20 Manufacturers who had made their name by producing a quality product in the Tire industry. All the Companies stated above have a brilliant sales record in the past years.

The data for the ranking is taken from a report of Tyrepress (,) released on July 10 2020 according to the last year’s performance.