Top 10 Tyre Manufacturers Worldwide
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Top 10 Tyre Manufacturers Worldwide

Tyre Manufacturers Worldwide
While buying a new set of tires, the first thing every consumer considers is the brand reputation in the market and choose a niche product in the market as niche products dominates the market. Do not spend hours looking for tires, save your time by checking out the list of Top manufacturers from all over the globe listed below:

Bridgestone: The company was founded in the city of Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan. Bridgestone tires have a great reputation worldwide. It is one of the top tire leading companies. Which dominates a huge amount of share in the industry. The company presently has about 180 manufacturing plants and R&D facilities. Their tires are long-lasting and their thread wear is excellent on different kinds of surfaces. Bridgestone is expanding overseas because the demand for tires is increasing day by day. It is one of the best premium tire brands out there.

Michelin: It is a French tire manufacturing coming it was founded on May 28, 1889, in Clermont-Ferrand, France. It is the best brand coming from France. It has a lot of tire distributors all over the globe which gets them customers, on the brand image. Michelin tires have 9 R&D facilities, 117 production plants in 26 countries, and a commercial presence in over 170 countries. Michelin has all the latest technology and they are known for the quality tires.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company: The company is American situated and it was founded on August 29, 1898, in Akron, Ohio, United States. Goodyear made their first tubeless tire in 1903. They are tire makers for more than 100 years. It was also awarded as the world’s largest tire manufacturer in 1916 and people of that time preferred Goodyear tires over the others. Goodyear can be seen in the most top-notch cars because of its performance. Goodyear also partneredwith NASA for spring airless spring tire.

Continental AG: It is a German brand that was founded on October 8, 1871, in Hanover, Germany. Continental tire is known for its durability and resistance. It has a huge demand worldwide and is very popular in Middle Eastern countries, where the consumer demands Continental tires over other brands in their region. Continental is a manufacturer which revolves itself around the market requirement and provides its clients with the latest technology tires. It is an affordable tire with all the latest technology.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries: It was founded in 1909 in Japan. Sumitomo has around 69 subsidiary companies and 39,298 employees also their sales are touching 108 million in total. Sumitomo Rubber industry’s best selling product is Falken, it is famous for its sporty look.

Pirelli: It is an Italian tire manufacturer and it was founded On January 28, 1872, in Milan, Italy. Pirelli is known as the pioneer of innovation in the tire world. Their tire is of the finest quality and targets premium tires. Pirelli tires are also seen in the formula 1 races and are preferred in European countries. Pirelli makes tires for cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. Does not matter it’s snowing or raining Pirelli tires adopt the road conditions and performs accordingly.

Hankook Tire: It was founded in 1941 in South Korea under the name of “The Chosun Tire Company” and the company changed its name to Hankook in 1968. Hankook has been expanding it's business and establishing plants all over the group as the demand is huge and enough supply is not there. Their quality is top-notch they dominate the Middle Eastern and the African market in the premium brands. Hankook comes under the top tire manufacturers because of its reputation and performance rating.

Yokohama Rubber Company: It was founded on October 13, 1917, in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. They have been facing challenges for more than 100 years now and Yokohama tires are known for their extra grip on the road because of their wide shoulder. They develop high-quality rubber products with advanced technologies. Hankook tires provide a noise-free and comfortable driving experience to its consumer.

Zhongce Rubber Group Co. Ltd: The company was established in 1958 in China. ZC Rubber has 5 main brands which are “Westlake”, “Chaoyang”, “Arisun”, “Goodride”, and “Trazano”. It is the largest manufacturer in China. They produce Chinese tires and the quality is amazing and is according to international standards. It has huge demand in the international market as well. Westlake is their hot selling product and is preferred in the Chinese truck tires category. The company is also known as ZC Rubber.

Maxxis Tires: It was founded in 1967 in Taiwan. Their worldwide revenue is above 4 billion US Dollars and their product distribution is in more than 170 countries. They started by making bicycle tires and initially increased their production category-wise. The company has won a lot of global awards because of its quality service and built quality. Maxxis is mostly exported to other countries and generates a lot of revenue from it.

All the manufactures mentioned above are the leading tire producing companies and have healthy competition among themselves. All the companies provide different kinds of perks to their consumers region-wise. All the analysis is based on their performance, price, risk engagement, and overall quality of the brands. Choose wisely when it comes to tires.

The data for the ranking is taken from a report of Tyrepress (,) released on July 10 2020 according to the last year’s performance.