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April 27, 2020

Linglong Launched Its Fifth Production Unit

Linglong Launched Its Fifth Production Unit

The subsidiary of Shandong Linglong Tire, Linglong Americas, is among the top 20 global manufacturers for the tire. Other than this, the company is also ranked among the top three tire manufacturers of Chine.

In 3013, the firm launched its first international production unit in Thailand. Since then, the company has been expanding at a faster rate. The current annual production capacity of the firm stands at 51 million units.

Launch Ceremony of Linglong’s Fifth Production Facility

Currently, Linglong launched its fifth production unit in Changchun, province Jilin of China. Delegates of China FAW Group and China Rubber Industry Association also attended the launch of the production unit.

The other manufacturing units are located in four provinces of China, namely; Dezhou, Jingmen, Zhaoyuan, and Liuzhou. Other than these four, the enterprise also has one unit in Thailand and one is in Serbia. However, the one in Serbia is under construction.

Revision of Manufacturing Strategy

With the expansion of its production facilities, the firm has also revised its 3+3 manufacturing strategy. Now the current manufacturing strategy is 6+6 with six international and six Chinese production units. Also, the company has plans to integrate big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain and other advanced technologies to boost its production capacity.

This new facility at Jilin will be constructed in the automotive economic zone of the area. Its total investment is around 4.89 billion yuan. Moreover, the expected capacity of the unit is around two million truck or bus tires, 12 million passenger tires, and almost 200,000 retreads of bus or truck tires.

Setting Examples for Others

It is also expected that the unit will boost the company’s revenue to $634 million annually once the unit starts to work at an optimum scale. Due to the current crisis, the tire industry is being impacted severely. However, the recent announcement of Linglong’s new facility’s launch will motivate other tire manufacturers to work with great passion even during this pandemic.