Is It Safe to Drive on Spare Tyre?
Will China’s Current Power Crisis Increase Tyre Prices?
Will China’s Current Power Crisis Increase Tyre Prices?
September 30, 2021

Is It Safe to Drive on Spare Tyre?

How long can you drive your vehicle with a spare tire on and are they safe to drive on? There are some important things which you need to understand about spare tires.

The spare tire is also known as a stepney, which is just an extra tire stored in your trunk, it is for the case of emergency. Spare tires come in two categories one is the regular and the other is a space saver also known as a donut tire. Regular spare tires are of the same size as the rim and the donut is smaller and it saves space, it usually comes in hatchback cars.

When your vehicle tire is punctured you should change your tire as soon as possible and visit the tire shop because there is only space for one tire in the trunk and a trip would be risky if the tire is punctured again. If you have a regular spare tire your ride is comfortable and if you have the second type which is a donut tire then, they are designed for temporary use only.

The donut tire has lesser cords under the rubber and it is not as durable as the regular one. Also, it is smaller and lighter which reduces traction and grip of the vehicle. Less traction means less stopping ability on all kinds of surfaces.

How to maintain your spare tyres

• Always check your spare tire's air pressure and always fill it 2 points extra as it is unused most of the time and stored in the trunk.
• Clean your spare tires once a month at least once a month to avoid dust on the tire which could result in rust in the rim.
• Drive your vehicle carefully when the spare tire is on.

Get your spare tire checked by an expert twice a year. Make sure that the tire does not have any leakage, cuts, or any kind of damages.