Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd. was established in 1995 and has gone on to become one of the major tyre manufacturers in China. Hengfeng owns 6 manufacturing units in Dongying and Linyi cities within the Shandong province. Due to the presence of several such tyre factories, Shandong is also known as the ‘Tyre Capital of the World’.

Hengfeng tyres are sold worldwide and considered to be the best value-for-money tyres available. The vast variety of tyres it produces includes light trucks tyre, passenger car tyres, truck and bus tyres that are currently being sold around the world.

Trojan Ltd. has been in business with Hengfeng for over two decades and enjoys a great relationship with them. Overall, Trojan Ltd. has been in the tyre business for over three decades and besides Hengfeng, it has worked with other world class manufacturers such as Michelin, Sumitomo, Apollo, Double Coin, Haida, RoadOne, Long March etc.

After years of hard work, business development, networking and marketing, Trojan Ltd. has acquired one of the largest market shares in the export of Hengfeng tyres from China. Trojan has always maintained its focus on the sale of brand new Hengfeng tyres at the most competitive prices, including the newest tyre patterns available in the market.

Trojan’s advanced shipment facilities of the finest Chinese tyres, backed by latest technology make it the topmost choice for those looking to import Hengfeng tires. Since being established, the company has helped wholesale tyre importers worldwide with hassle-free services to import Hengfeng tires from China in bulk. With Trojan Ltd. you can get the complete solution you require due to its superior product quality, timely delivery and best after-sales service.