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Hankook Announces To Use AI For Quality Test

Hankook Announces To Use AI For Quality Test

With a production capacity of around 102 million units, Hankook is serving the vehicles with its quality tire and innovative design. This Korean tire company has now placed itself at the rank of seventh-largest tire company globally.

Since 1941, the company has been expanding and is now working in almost 10 countries in the world. With the rapid advancement in technology, the company is also constantly evolving. For that, the firm has decided to integrate AI for quality control.

Three Steps For Quality Inspection Of Tires

The AI-backed testing system uses sensors to test the quality of production with greater accuracy and efficiency. This automatic system will work with experts to deliver a required product that can also ensure the driver’s safety. For that, the whole inspection process will take three rounds to ensure maximum accuracy.

The first step involves the use of an Interferometer tire tester or ITT that will check air bubbles in the tire material. In the second step, the X-Ray test will be done to reexamine the internal material, design, and quality of the tire. The last and final step involves an external examination of tire by the quality control department.

Out of these three examination steps, the detection of air bubbles is quite time consuming as the bubbles are not of the same shape or size. However, after the integration of this AI technology, the detection of any fault or flaw will be easier at any step.

Venture Of Hankook And KAIST For AI-Supported Testing System

The automatic testing system is the product of the joint collaboration of Hankook and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). According to AI experts, who took part in this venture, this automated system will not only improve testing efficiency but also will be able to reduce production time by manifolds.

Hankook-Redefining Technology

According to Hyunshick Cho, the President and Vice Chairman of Hankook Technology Group, the firm has now placed itself as a digital market leader. He further stated that with the help of this technology they will be able to lead digital transformation the tire market.