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May 5, 2020
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Goodyear Announces Its Business Updates

Goodyear Announces Its Business Updates

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company have recently announced its preliminary results of the company’s first-quarter performance. Also, it has updated the media and relevant community about the action taken by firm during COVID-19 to mitigate its impacts.

Results Of Preliminary Assessment

The results of the preliminary assessment show that company has suffered a lot due to COVID-19. According to the results, sales of first 2020 quarter are 3.6 billion USD below than what it was a year ago.

Statement Of CEO Of Goodyear

According to a statement by Richard J. Kramer, CEO & President of the firm, the health & fitness of his employee has been the top priority of the firm. Moreover, the company is working under a safe and efficient environment and is working to curb the impact of lesser market demand.

Kramer also motivated and encouraged his employees who are serving the market with best capability even in such a crisis.

Plans For Primary Credit Service

Moreover, the company has also announced a refinancing plan for its primary credit facility in the US. This step will ensure financial flexibility and will boost the liquidity of finances. By extending debt maturities, the firm will also gain the trust and confidence of financers.