Double Coin Commercial Truck Tires Wholesale – TROJAN LTD.

Commercial Tyres – Double Coin is the Right Choice for You

Here at TROJAN LTD, we proudly offer Double Coin Commercial tyres and supplies at wholesale rates.
Having it’s headquarter in Shanghai, China, Double Coin is one of the most famous and reliable Chinese manufacturers of radial tires for trucks.
The brand also makes light truck tires with its collaboration with Michelin, a famous French tyre manufacturing company.

Innovative Technology – Improving Fuel Efficiency of Your Truck

The best thing about Double Coin is that it makes full use of innovative technology while making its tires, which not only improve the fuel efficiency of your truck, but also lower its operational expenses.
With no hassle warranty, the brand has got its well-managed and responsive dealer network and TROJAN LTD is one of its top dealers.
Our Double Coin truck tires are stable and perfectly reliable in quality. They are also more complete in specifications as compared to other tyre brands.

No Compromise with Price, Quality, and Fast Delivery!

Being one of the most professional importers and exporters of Chinese tyres, we can successfully give the right answer of your question, “Where to buy Double Coin commercial truck tires wholesale?
With our highly skilled and professional team, we provide branded tires and supplies with a fast and advanced delivery system, making it easy for you to keep tracking your order until you have it at your doorsteps.
Having direct business relations with all the leading Chinese tyre manufacturing companies including Double Coin, we offer high quality tires at reasonable and discounted rates.
Providing a speed to trucks for more the two decades, TROJAN LTD is the name you can trust when it comes to one of the best Double Coin tyre suppliers. GET YOUR TIRES NOW!
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