Containers Leaving China
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May 5, 2021
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May 31, 2021

Containers Leaving China

The world needs more holders in the correct spots to deal with the cargo demand. Freight is already at a peak at the moment. It can increase more but it will not decrease as there is a shortage of containers going on also on the other hand China’s exports have been increased about 30%. The increasing exports mean that the transportation capacity will be reduced and demand will be created.

Suggestions & Predictions:

All the market veterans and experts from China have suggested to stock up their warehouse as soon as possible before the freight increases furthermore and the overall cost will affect their customers as already tyre prices were increased a few months back and now the freight is increasing it will be really difficult to survive in the market like that. If you are thinking to import tyres from China this is the right time because any time the freight rates could go high. It’s best to import a small volume to be in the market and entertain your customers with the quality product. This year will be harder than a year ago. It is inconsequential to contend on sea cargo except if you can get containers.

Most of the containers will be busy on the European and American ports as they can afford expensive freights. This means the offloading will take around 30-40 days and the containers will be stuck in the queue till then. Results in that the containers left China will return after a very long period.