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Bridgestone America Resumes Its Plants

Bridgestone America Resumes Its Plants

With its more than 50 manufacturing facilities, the Bridgestone America is dedicated to producing quality products and offers innovative services in almost the whole of North and Latin America. This tire and rubber products manufacturing enterprise produces tire for almost every vehicle.
The firm, along with its subsidiaries, produces diversified products. Its products include industrial and building goods, industrial fibers, natural rubber, textile, and other retread rubber products.

Bridgestone Restarts Operation At North America Plants

Recently Bridgestone Americas, which is commonly called Bridgestone, announced its plans about resuming operation at its North American plants that produce commercial tire. Alongside this, the firm has also decided to restart its other plants in North America that are Firestone Building Products and American Firestone Industrial Products. The decision shows that the business is not seriously impacted by the current economic crisis.

Statement Of President Bridgestone

President and CEO Paolo Ferrari of the firm stated that due to the operation of tire plant and other manufacturing operations the team will be able to meet the rising demands of businesses that are constantly expanding and working to offer basic services to their community.

It was due to increasing demand by some of such similar service providers that Bridgestone Bandag plant of retread rubber producers in North America restarted its operation last week.

CEO of the firm further went on saying that the firm is aware of the fact that Bridgestone has to play its role. So, they must work to give essential services and products to different agencies and firms who are striving a lot to maintain a smooth workflow.

Future Stragegy of Brigdestone

According to a recent announcement, the North American plants of the firm resumed working on April 13. These plants mainly deal with industrial and commercial goods. Whereas the tire plants of Bridgestone, which are in Latin America and North America will restart operations by May’s first week. However, the other facilities are about to open soon.