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December 25, 2017

Best place to buy Chinese tyres wholesale price

Chinese Wholesale Tyres

Best place to buy Chinese tyres wholesale price

Buying of good quality tyres and at wholesale rates is rather difficult and time consuming. Many drivers often consider the option of Chinese tyres, usually because of the difference in pricing, but little they know that prices of Chinese tyres and tyres manufactured in European countries is more or less same. Many European countries have their manufacturing plants in China for maintaining cheaper cost.

Tyres are a global commodity, and many of the major brand names that Consumer Reports tests are manufactured in China.

But, at Trojan Limited you can purchase / order any kind of tyres at the wholesale rate. We have lots of CHINESE TYRE WHOLESALE quality for you.

Chinese tires are gaining market all over the world, as they are cheaper, good quality and long lasting. Even, the U.S. international Trade Commission (ITC) determined by a 3-2 vote that the domestic U.S. tyre industry was not injured or threatened with injury by import of truck and bus tyres from China.

BUY CHINESE TYRE WHOLESALE, as we ship container loads of wholesale tyres direct from China, not only can we get you the best price possible on any CHINESE TYRE WHOLESALE rate but we can also organize shipment extremely quickly.

Our goal is to be a top-end Chinese tyre wholesale supplier through services, fill rates, quality of product and communications.

At Trojan Limited you can get wholesale of all the best quality PCR and TBR brands at a affordable prices. The brands include ONYX, OVATION, DERUIBO, FESITE, BOTO, YOTO, DOUBLE COIN, LONG MARCH, ROADONE, WINDA, YONKING, HAIDA, RAODWING, U-SHIELD, WOSEN, TORQUE for all kinds of passenger cars including 4x4, commercial light trucks & heavy trucks and vehicles.

If a brand you are looking for is not mentioned in our above stock list, feel free to ask for it. If they are made in China there is every chance we will be able to source them to you.