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About us

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Trojan Ltd. was established to help tyre importers worldwide for a hassle free import of quality tyres from China in bulk. Its founders have more than 30 years of experience in the tyre industry and have worked with brands like Michelin, Sumitomo, Apollo, Double Coin, Boto, Hengfeng, Ovation, Onyx, RoadOne & many others.

We are focused on the sale of best quality tyres at the most affordable, discounted prices – whether you require a value for money brand or wish to have your own private brand from one of our partner factories.

We support our customers with exclusivity in different countries based on their monthly performance and outlook towards our brands.

At Trojan Ltd., we strive to attain a win-win solution for both our organizations irrespective of the size of your tire selling business. We believe that strong businesses partnerships are built on like-mindedness, mutual trust, forward-thinking & growth mindset.

Let us grow together.

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